BLS Human Resource services are used in implementing employment legislation in:

the FMCG sector
  • the FMCG sector
  • the IT sector
  • the Pharmaceutical sector
  • the Transport and Logistic sector
  • the New Technology sector
Thank-you letters from our clients
Client testimonials about BLS events
  • BLS SEMINAR ON 22.05.15
    How to prepare a documentation portfolio for the dismissal of an employee by mutual agreement, under a given budget

    “The quality and quantity of the material prepared exceeded expectations.  Elena examines any situation not only from a judicial perspective, but also using her experience in psychology.  We were particularly interested in the section regarding psychological types and how to work with them.  It is always good to get information from professionals, who do not just have theoretic knowledge…”

    Managing Regional Employees
    “I enjoyed the event.  Everything was well structured and relevant.  I left with the feeling that my expectations had been met.  The time and money we spent was not in vein.  The most important thing is that you are orientated towards defending employers and not towards intimidating them, as many employees of consulting companies are often guilty of.”
  • BLS SEMINAR 12.03.15
    Conducting complex talks with employees over dismissal by mutual agreement
    “A very good seminar, everything was very clearly structured in my head.  I think the service will be widely demanded, since many clearly are not aware of the nuts and bolts of negotiations.”
    BLS Business breakfast for human resource services in the pharmaceutical sector
    “The BLS event was extremely productive.  Very useful information about real-life cases and about resolutions to legal disputes.  The event get maximum points for practicality in preparing and formulating documentation on employment negotiations.”
    BLS Business breakfast for human resource services in the pharmaceutical sector
    “For me the event was extremely useful and the material was given in a very structural and logical way and included concrete recommendations.  We had many new recommendations, which we will definitely pass on to our colleagues and use to carry out the changes to documentation.  It was great that the atmosphere felt very open and it was possible to share our experiences and practical examples with colleagues.  I would call this type of format very lively and constructive!”

BLS defends employers’ interests.  We have collected the knowledge that we have been collecting over 20 years in our knowledge database.

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Facts about the company
  • 94%
    of clients

    prolong their annual subscription with BLS

  • 5324

    were provided by BLS judicial consultants in 2018

  • 177 800

    were prepared by BLS staff for our clients in 2018

  • 71 400
    regarding briefings were released by BLS in 2018
  • 53
    million roubles
    is the record amount that BLS managed to save for a client over the dismissal of one employee
  • 100%
    of BLS clients
    receive a high grade for working conditions thanks to reimbursements from the Social Security Fund
  • top-15

    of the largest Russia law  companies in the field of labor law in the rating of the largest judicial firms (according to rating in 2017)

  • 84%
    of our clients

    came to BLS on recommendation

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